Business Director

Arpit is a trusted advisor for our clients as he is known for bringing a rare blend of creativity and analytical thinking to his role as a Business Director. With an experience of 20+ years in business, he has worked with local and multi-national companies on countless projects across various industries. As the leader of the company, he goes out of his way to create exceptional experiences for our team, our clients, and their audiences. His passion for creating beautiful spaces and brining ideas to life has helped us in achieving and maintaining sustainable growth over the years.

His mantra in life is ‘What’s done with love is done well!’

General Manager

Bhanwar Singh has over 25+ years of experience working in professional office position which includes his entrepreneur stint of 5 years. His experience varies from Computer operator to Receptionist to Sales Representative to Entrepreneur. He is the backbone of NAAM creations who loves to plan and execute things in an organised way. At NAAM Creations his core responsibilities are overlooking operations, staff, accounting and purchasing of raw material.

Admin Manager

Cyril brings more than 22 years of professional experience, 10 years in administration and 12 years in sales. Originally a sales professional, he has worked for multinational companies back in India. At NAAM Creations, he is responsible for dispatching goods, billing, managing petty cash besides other admin work. Listening to music and playing snooker are his favourite free time activities.

3D Designer

Youngest most in the team who brings lot of fresh ideas and energy to the design team. Having an architectural engineering background, makes her technically strong in design. Her primary focus is understanding the project requirements and based on it conceptualize and create 3D designs. Her dedication and creativity and producing out of the box ideas at her work will surely take her long way.

Factory In charge

Since last 30 years, he has devoted himself to work and mostly in the world of production. At NAAM creations he plays a key role of executing a perfect job based on client's brief. His key responsibilities include visiting site for details, choosing raw material, preparing project cost and executing it. When he is at leisure he loves talking to his wife.

2D/3D Designer

Versatile and creative designer with over 7 years of experience working in the design industry. Highly skilled with various forms of software required for his profile. His primary focus is to complete assigned projects on time keeping brief in mind. Besides being a designer, he loves to do videography and has a huge fan following on Tiktok.

Project Manager

Muhammad has over ten years of experience in sales and production for several organizations in Dubai, UAE. At NAAM Creations he is responsible for Production Management, executing job, Purchasing raw material and Sales. His core expertise is convincing people and solving problem at most critical stages without losing his peace of mind. He considers himself as "Jugaadu'- one who can solve problem by hook or crook.

Production Supervisor

Prasad brings more than 8 years of production experience to his role as Production Supervisor. His work is underpinned by an extensive knowledge of raw materials, execution and production systems. His main focus has been planning, overlooking and executing the job in the most efficient manner. His calm behaviour and dedication towards his work, makes him one of the most popular employees of the company.

Design Manager

One of the senior-most and creative people at NAAM creations who is responsible for all design strategies in the company. He ensures that the structural drawings and designs are produced on time and are of high quality. Bringing 24+ years of his experience to the table, he overlooks and reviews the whole design process using his technical expertise keeping health and safety in mind.

Interior Designer

Remya is an ambitious Interior designer who finds delight in creating compelling designs for businesses within various industries. Her varied professional experience, passion and hustle have prepared her for a robust career in Interior designing. Her core expertise lies in space planning and detailing the project in the most extensive manner.

Procurement and Operations Supervisor

Hitesh is an integral part of the work that's done behind the scenes at NAAM Creations. Whether purchasing material, co-ordinating with clients or with in house team, production management, accounting, closing of a job or a project, his role is quite crucial. Prior to joining our team, he honed his skills in teaching, customer service and advertising field. His total work experience is 14 years.

2D/3D Designer

Umair is an experienced Graphic Designer with nearly 10 years of experience in the industry. Creative and detail-oriented with exceptional skill level and experience in Adobe Suite. Over the years he has honed his skills as a designer in branding, logo design and illustration.