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3S Kiosk

This closed kiosk, fashioned from sleek metal, presents a captivating fusion of black and golden hues, creating an alluring color scheme that exudes exclusivity and refinement. The deliberate choice of these sophisticated tones sets an elevated tone, resonating with the premium nature of the real estate options it showcases. The kiosk’s design is elevated further by its unique asymmetrical shape, injecting a touch of modernity that ensures it stands out as a beacon of elegance amidst its surroundings.

Mirrors are thoughtfully incorporated into the design, serving a dual purpose. Beyond enhancing the kiosk’s aesthetic appeal, they ensure high visibility, reflecting and refracting the surrounding environment. This strategic use of mirrors creates an immersive and captivating experience for individuals exploring premium real estate options, amplifying the allure of the showcased properties.

In essence, this closed kiosk is not just a display space but a carefully crafted piece of art and architecture. From its sleek metal construction to the meticulously chosen color palette and innovative use of mirrors, every element contributes to an environment that communicates exclusivity, modernity, and a heightened sense of elegance in the realm of premium real estate.

Client                3S Real estate

Year                     2023