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Kohler’s booth at the Downtown Design tent was a mesmerizing spectacle that drew in passersby with its enchanting atmosphere. The tall wooden louvres, elegantly arranged in a curve, immediately sparked the curiosity of onlookers, even from a distance. The dynamic and fluid movement of these louvres added an enthralling dimension, creating a constantly evolving visual experience.

Going beyond mere physical presence, the exhibition stand transformed into an immersive space, inviting attendees to explore and engage. The design not only showcased Kohler’s products but also acted as a canvas for a distinctive and interactive experience. It surpassed the conventional concept of a booth, elevating the brand’s presentation to an artistic display that left a lasting impact on visitors.

The thoughtful amalgamation of design elements not only underscored Kohler’s dedication to aesthetics and innovation but also solidified the brand’s identity as a pioneer in the industry. The booth, featuring its alluring wooden louvres and captivating ambiance, successfully blended both form and function, establishing itself as a memorable focal point in the vibrant landscape of the Downtown Design tent.

Client                Kohler Middle east

Year                     2023